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Partnership Learning

  • The Fellow’s employing practice will also be asked for a minimum of 1 hour’s “partnership & practice management learning” activity on a monthly basis

  • The specifics are deliberately vague to allow Fellows to have some flexibility of how they’d like this element of learning to occur and align this with their PDP

  • A guideline of activities include:

    • 1 hour of face-to-face learning with a senior member of their practice leadership

      • Including: practice manager, senior partner or GP trainer

    • Examples of specific topics:

      • Human resources and staff development

      • Legalities of partnerships

      • Strategy and change management

      • Working in Primary Care Networks

      • IT

      • Patient engagement

      • Financial resources

  • Quarterly feedback discussions with the Fellowship Programme Director will help develop this section of the Programme as well as allow further development of material by the Programme and individual practices

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