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Practice Managers

We're creating a 2 year programme, to support ongoing development and support of our newly qualified GPs through dedicated, ring fenced time.


Nationally funded, locally developed 


  • All GPs qualified (gaining CCT) in the last 12-18 months

  • Hold a substantive  employed post in primary care within North Cumbria - either partnership or salaried  

The Offer

  • Scope for individual interests and strengths to be developed further, in the early years of being a GP

  • Opportunities for dedicated 1:1 mentorship and coaching across the 2 years

  • Participation and development of region-wide peer-to-peer support and networks

  • Focus on development of niche skills within GP - including leadership and business skills

  • Opportunity to learn further and participate further within a primary care network



  • Clear recognition had over Fellows participating in the Fellowship Programme will be over and above their existing clinical commitments 

  • Practices are asked to support Fellows with flexibility within their job plan to allow attendance to Programme activities 

  • Support the development and learning needs of Fellows within their practices, especially in the incorporation of mentorship and partnership learning 


  • Improved reimbursements to Fellows year 2021/2022

  • 1 full session per week (based upon full time equivalent - "37.5 hours/week")

  • Funding matched to usual sessional rate

  • 30% "on-cost" can be reimbursed to practices to support tax, NI and pension costs 

  • Additional £3K/year available for the following

    • £1K to be offered to practices for their role in supporting Fellows

    • £2K to be forwarded to the Programme to aid administration and logistics

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