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With immediate effect, centrally directed improvements have been made to our Programme: 

  • Uplift in the sessional rate to match  a prospective Fellow's usual clinical rate

  • Additional 30% up-lift to cover practice costs for tax, national insurance and pension contributions

Newly Qualified GPs

We're creating a 2 year programme, to support ongoing development and support of our newly qualified GPs through dedicated, ring fenced time.


Nationally funded, locally developed 


  • All GPs qualified (gaining CCT) in the last 12-18 months

  • Hold a substantive  employed post in primary care within North Cumbria - either partnership or salaried  

The Offer

  • Scope for individual interests and strengths to be developed further, in the early years of being a GP

  • Opportunities for dedicated 1:1 mentorship and coaching across the 2 years

  • Participation and development of region-wide peer-to-peer support and networks

  • Focus on development of niche skills within GP - including leadership and business skills

  • Opportunity to learn further and participate further within a primary care network


The Requirements

  • Engage with all areas of the Programme

  • Formulate and continue to develop a "Professional Development Plan" (PDP), allowing for a tailored approach to the Programme 

  • Meet and feedback quarterly to our team to ensure learning and development had to both the individual Fellow and the Programme overall 

  • No written reflections are mandated and there is no examination component 


  • Improved reimbursements to Fellows year 2021/2022

  • 1 full session per week (based upon full time equivalent - "37.5 hours/week")

  • Funding matched to usual sessional rate

Further details about the programme can be found in our Programme Handbook

The Fellowship Programme is made up of four primary domains, undertaken as four sessions, monthly (full time equivalent), over the 2 year period.

Further details are available within the sub-menus

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