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Personalised Mentoring & Coaching

  • All Fellows will have access to an ILM level 5 trained GP as a coach 

  • This will be someone outside of their practice able to offer objective support and signposting

  • They will aim to meet up to three times a year, either virtually or via face-to-face, totalling six separate meets across their 2 year


  • All Fellows will also have access to a mentor via their own practices

  • Contact will be had for a minimum of 1 hour each month, either virtually or face-to-face, across the 2 year Fellowship

  • They will be undertaken ideally by the same member of staff from the senior clinical team

  • The use of this time will be directed by the Fellow, with mentors offering support, direction and a discussion on how the Fellow can progress in their clinical and non-clinical environment

  • Quarterly, Fellows to feedback to Fellowship Programme Director occurrence and outcomes of these session 

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