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Peer Learning & Development

  • On joining the Fellowship, GPs will be part of a physical and virtual “Fellowship Network”, linked by monthly meetings and virtually linked via WhatsApp groups 

  • In total, a 3 hour window will be allocated to these session


  • A 1.5 hour session will be held to support peer-to-peer learning

  • Topics will be varied in nature, the direction of which Fellows themselves will be have a say in, though may include any combination of:

    • Specific case review

    • Ethical dilemmas 

    • Local, regional and national clinical guideline changes

    • Highlight changes in local processes of late

    • Any examples of good clinical practice within their GP surgery


  • Sessions will be held monthly, alternating between physical meet ups and virtual ones

  • Pre-reading material will be also circulated at this point to highlight any clinical guideline changes of late

  • Timings will be led by Fellows, but the following may act as a guideline:

    • 60 minutes – case discussions

    • 15-30 minutes – coffee discussions

    • 30 minutes – clinical guideline changes


  • The final 1 hour of this session will a component of leadership development

  • Sessions will alternate between discussions had from local eminent leaders through either:

    • Q&A style discussion – highlight an individual’s leadership journey, including challenges and learning from them

    • Short workshop-style presentation, highlighting a focal area of leadership development 

  • Specific themes that we aim to cover over the forthcoming months:

    • Self-reflection of the leadership journey of self and others

    • Appreciating values and behaviours of an organisation

    • Culture development within an organisation

    • Influence of others

    • Sharing & receiving feedback


  • Fellows will be able to have a say in the direction these sessions take, including suggestions over speakers and points of discussion

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