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We're creating a 2 year programme, to support ongoing development and support of our newly qualified GPs through dedicated, ring fenced time.


Nationally funded, locally developed.

We've approached this national roll out differently in North Cumbria


  • We want to ensure the needs of GPs are put first, rather than that of the System

  • We're focusing on an individualised approach to our Fellows

  • Targeting an individual's interests and allowing them to develop strengths 

  • Ultimately, we want GPs to feel invested in and develop within their early years post qualification

Meet The Team


Amit Paik

A newly qualified GP himself and prospective trainer, Amit has worked with colleagues across the region to bring online our Fellowship Programme this year. 

Helen Lawrence

Currently a GP, trainer of Carlisle Healthcare PCN, Is also our Fellowship Programme Director, providing senior oversight 

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Amanda Brown

Amanda is our lead administrator for the Programme. She's been incredibly supportive of the Programme development over the last few months and continues to be the first point of contact for current and prospective Fellows

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